By Tara Yap and Francis Allan L. Angelo


IS love triangle the likely motive behind the brutal murder of a 16-year-old high school student of Central Philippine University (CPU) last week?


The LaPaz police initially eyed plain robbery as the reason for the death of Buenaventura “Ben-Ben” Peregil Jr. of Petalsville Subdivision, Jaro, Iloilo City who was found dead with 13 stab wounds in his body inside LaPaz public plaza Wednesday last week.


Senior Insp. Alexander Rosales, LaPaz police chief, said it is probable that the suspects were high on drugs.


But based on information gathered by The Daily Guardian, Peregil’s death may have something to do with a mysterious female text mate he was supposed to meet at the public plaza that fateful Wednesday evening.


According to a witness of the LaPaz police, Peregil received a warning from his girl text mate not to stay any longer at the plaza because “they will kill you.”


Peregil’s grandmother Gloria said that was the information they got from police investigators during their conversation Thursday.


The identity of the text mate remains unknown because Peregil’s cellphone is missing until now.


Rosales said they are pursuing all angles to the case now that they have found several witnesses who related what happened to the victim.


Peregil was the only son of Lilibeth Peregil, who works in Hong Kong as a domestic helper. He was raised by his grandmother Gloria and Aunt Anita since a toddler as his mother would send money from Hong Kong to sustain his needs. 


Months before his death, the victim almost got robbed also at LaPaz plaza but did not tell his grandmother and aunt about it.


Peregil’s remains now lie at their home in Petalsville Subdivision.