By Francis Allan L. Angelo


THE National Electrification Administration (NEA) might release next week its recommendation on the controversial power supply agreement (PSA) between Iloilo Electric Cooperative (Ileco) 3 and an independent power producer.


Atty. Omar Mayo, who headed the NEA fact-finding team, said they have finished their investigation on the deal between Ileco 3 and Applied Research Technologies Phils., Inc (Artech).


Mayo said they will soon forward their recommendations to NEA Administrator Edita Bueno.


“The recommendations and actions of the NEA board of administrators might be out next week,” he said.


Mayo said their investigation focused on the PSA between Ileco 3 and Artech allegedly tainted with bribery as claimed by former Judge Mateo Baldoza, Ileco 3 board president.


Mayo said part of their evidence is the May 5 interview of Baldoza with Joel Tormon of Aksyon Radyo.


Baldoza claimed in the said interview that Governor Niel Tupas Sr. handed him an envelope containing P75,000 cash during a meeting between Ileco 3 and Artech officials April 17 at the governor’s mansion in Jaro, Iloilo City. 


Baldoza said he received another envelope containing P75,000 cash from a female Artech employee during the Ileco 3 board meeting in Iloilo City last April 21.


Mayo said they also included the sworn affidavit of Ileco 3 director Rene Arandilla who corroborated Baldoza’s claim.


Arandilla said Baldoza showed him the envelope he allegedly received from the Artech employee last July 21.


Arandilla said he counted P75,000 cash inside the envelope. Baldoza later told him to get P10,000 because he will give the rest to the church but Arandilla refused.


Arandilla said he was not present in the meeting at Tupas’ house although he received information that money changed hands during the gathering.


After the May 5 interview, Baldoza modified his statement by denying that Tupas gave him money during the April 17 meeting with Artech officials.


Last Monday, Baldoza appeared before the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) which is investigating the deal due to the complaints of two Ileco 3 consumers.


Baldoza said he told NBI investigator Arnold Diaz the actual events surrounding the PSA, particularly the money and pressure they received from Tupas and Artech.


Baldoza said his statements to the NBI are similar to his May 5 interview with Aksyon Radyo and revelations to Presidential Assistant Raul Banias.


Atty. Norberto Posecion, Baldoza’s legal counsel and former classmate, said the ex-judge made an affidavit relative to the Ileco 3-Artech deal “but he has yet to sign it.”


Posecion said the content of the affidavit were similar to Baldoza’s first statement regarding the Ileco 3-Artech deal.


“I told him to make sure that everything he wrote in the affidavit is true to avoid any complication,” Posecion said.