By Francis Allan L. Angelo

THE police are set to file cases against the gunmen who ambushed a couple in Jaro, Iloilo City Thursday last week.

C/Insp. Orly Gabinete, Jaro police chief, said they are gathering more evidence to pin down the suspects in the ambush of George and Ronielyn Gulanes of San Paulo Village, Brgy. Sambag, Jaro.

The couple were about to bring their child to school when two gunmen peppered their pickup truck with bullets.

George died of multiple gunshot wounds while Ronielyn was wounded. The couple’s 14-year-old daughter was unscathed.

According to latest police investigation, there are four suspects in the ambush. Aside from the two gunmen, two more persons acted as lookouts.

According to intelligence sources, the four suspects are members of the enigmatic Ingram Group which is believed to be based in Iloilo City.

The mastermind of the ambush allegedly offered P200,000 for the service of the four suspects.

But the suspects only received P40,000 each after an unidentified middleman got skimmed of his commission from the transaction.

The Jaro police is eyeing the couple’s lending business as a possible motive for the ambush.