By Francis Allan L. Angelo

TWO members of the Mandurriao police station were relieved for failure to arrest a scion of a wealthy business family who allegedly pointed a gun at a customer of a popular night spot in Iloilo City Thursday.

Supt. Eugenio Espejo, Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) officer-in-charge, said he ordered the relief of SPO3 Enrico Sontillanosa and PO3 Antonio Salazar from Mandurriao PNP effective Thursday afternoon.

Sontillanosa and Salazar responded to the commotion at SandPipers KTV bar after businessman Kenneth Chua allegedly pointed a gun at a classmate of lawyer Plaridel Nava 3am Thursday.

C/Insp. Conrado Carganillo, Mandurriao police chief, immediately implemented Espejo’s order but he refused to comment on the issue for the meantime.

Espejo said he has ordered an investigation into the incident and why Sontillanosa and Salazar failed to arrest Chua.

The two cops said the security guards and manager of the KTV bar stalled their entry in VIP Room No. 2 where the altercation happened.

But Atty. Nava claimed that the two cops went inside the KTV room and talked to Chua.

“After a while, I saw the smiling Chua walk down the stairs, boarded his car with his bodyguard and drove away. The police came out later,” Nava said.

The police later arrested the KTV manager and guard for alleged obstruction of justice and detained them in the police station. But the investigator later ruled that they did not obstruct the police.

Nava said he will file criminal charges against Chua for illegal possession of firearms, grave oral defamation and grave threats.

“Many of our common friends have been asking me to settle the case with him. But we have to do something about this so that Kenneth will change his ways. Maybe if we see that he has changed for good, we will withdraw the charges,” Nava added.

The lawyer said he is certain that there was a conspiracy between the two Mandurriao police and a colonel who called Chua after the incident so that the suspect can escape.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Sandpipers will also sue Sontillanosa and Salazar for illegal detention.