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By Francis Allan L. Angelo

A NORWEGIAN citizen who was born in the Philippines is looking for his biological Filipina mother 27 years after he was with a hospice which later put him up for adoption.

Arnold Penida Loriega, 27, wants to return to his roots and find his mother, Merlie Lazapin Penida (Loriega) to thank her for giving him up which led him to a better life in Norway.

The Daily Guardian learned of Loriega’s case through a production staff member of Tore Stromoy, one of Norway`s famous and experienced television hosts/producers for the Norwegian Broadcasting NRK.

Based on a email sent by staffer Cathrine Astad, Stromoy hosts a popular program in Norway which helps people reunite with their ancestors and biological family members.

Astad said Stromoy decided to help Penida find his biological parents in the Philippines, particularly in Iloilo, the reason why they south TDG’s help.

Based on a set of documents and brief provided by Stromoy’s team to TDG, Loriega’s mother is Merlie Lazapin Penida who was born in Iloilo in 1951. She lived with her grandmother in Iloilo until she left for a town nearby to work as a housemaid.

On July 30, 1976 she got married in Iloilo to Arnold’s father, Alfredo Caro Loriega who was born in 1946.

Arnold was born to Merlie and Alfredo on October 20, 1984 at the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila. Two days later, Merlie and one Sister Rebecca Vasquez, DC of Asilo de San Vicente de Paul went to Hospicio de San Jose and gave him away for adoption.

A report by Hospicio de San Jose showed that Merlie gave up her son due to poverty and she wanted her child to have a good life.

Merlie’s last known address was 1272 Carola St., Sampaloc, Manila where she might have been working as a house maid.

For any information that could lead us to the whereabouts of Alfredo Caro Loriega and Merlie Lazapin Penida Loriega, please contact this writer at 0921-8079193 or call The Daily Guardian at (033) 321-6124 or (033) 508-2692. You may also email us at and

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