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ICPO intelligence hit for sub-par performance


By Francis Allan L. Angelo


THE Police Regional Office (PRO-6) has called the attention of the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) to its below par intelligence gathering efforts following the spate of car thefts and robberies in the city.


Chief Supt. Isagani Cuevas, PRO-6 director, said the ICPO should improve its intelligence operations to prevent criminals from striking once more.


Cuevas said intelligence work is vital to crime prevention as information on the plans of criminals will keep the police ahead of things.


The PRO-6 chief said he will make ICPO officials explain the “failure of intelligence” plaguing the unit.


The ICPO Intelligence Section (S2) is headed by the controversial Chief Insp. Musa Amiyong.


ICPO deputy director Eugenio Espejo agreed with Cuevas’ observation that their office is beset with “lousy intelligence” work.


But Espejo said they have created a special group within S2 to track down thieves and robbers operating in the city.


Amiyong who has linked to several controversies said they are working overtime to gather more information on criminals in the city.


He said he will explain everything to Cuevas when summoned to the regional headquarters.   


Amiyong has been tagged in the illegal drug trade and the killing of PO2 Frederick Capasao, a former member of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. He denied the accusations and dared his critics to prove their claims.


Amiyong’s occupation of S2 has been questioned by some police officials who said a police superintendent should head such sensitive post based on PNP regulations.


Last Wednesday evening, three “bukas kotse” incidents happened in Iloilo City – two in Mandurriao and one in Iloilo City proper.


ICPO records show that a total of 12 bukas kotse cases have occurred in the metropolis this year. Mandurriao district tops the list with 6 cases, Iloilo City proper with three incidents, LaPaz with 2 cases and Molo with 1.


Espejo said bukas kotse operations are mounted by a gang of 20 persons, including 4 women, divided into 4 teams.


The female members act as lookouts ase their male companions smash glass windows of cars with a rock wrapped in cloth. They then strip the cars of valuables such as laptop computers and cellphones.


Espejo said they have identified the members of the bukas kotse gang in the city.

Grandma: Why was my grandson slaughtered like pig?


By Tara Yap and Francis Allan L. Angelo


“ANO sala sang bata nga daw baboy pag patay sa  iya?” (What did the child do that he was slaughtered like a pig?) Gloria Peregil asked while holding back her tears.


The 70-year-old grandmother of Buenaventura “Ben-Ben” Peregil Jr. is shocked at the manner of his untimely demise.


The senior high school student of Central Philippine University (CPU) and resident of Petalsville Subdivision, Jaro died from 13 stab wounds in La Paz Plaza Wednesday night. 


Mrs. Peregil remains to wonder why Ben-Ben was in La Paz plaza Wednesday night when he sent a text message to his aunt Anita past 6:30pm informing that he was in Bankers Village in Jaro district studying with classmates for their 3rd grading exams. 


Mrs. Peregil added she couldn’t understand why her grandson was there in La Paz Plaza again when he almost became a victim of a holdup months earlier. Ben-Ben apparently kept quiet about the incident but told close relatives while on vacation in Silay City, Negros Occidental last November. 


However, the family also speculates the involvement of Ben-Ben’s mysterious girl text mate, whom he supposedly met that night. The grandmother believes this mysterious text mate can shed light to what happened.


Mrs. Peregil told The Daily Guardian that Ben-Ben was a good kid and had no enemies.  She said he was very friendly and treated his friends with sincerity.


She also remembered Ben-Ben’s heroism during typhoon Frank that saved her and her 72-year-old husband. She said Ben-Ben made a makeshift rope out of blankets to tie around their waists unto a reclining bed, which rescued them from drowning or swept away by the strong current.


The victim planned to take up a course in culinary arts or train in cooking as he wanted to work as cook in an international cruise liner. His grandmother recalled that he was fond of cooking sinigang na bangus, puchero and guisado.  


Ben-Ben was the only son of single mother Lilibeth Peregil, who works in Hong Kong as a domestic helper.  He was raised by his grandmother Gloria and Aunt Anita since a toddler as his mother would send money from Hong Kong to sustain his needs. 


The La Paz police said they have identified the suspects in Peregil’s murder.


Senior Insp. Alexander Rosales, LaPaz police chief, said several witnesses have surfaced and helped them identify the culprits.


Rosales said it is possible the suspects were drug crazed as indicated by the 12 stab wounds in Peregil’s body.


“Based on our investigation, the victim left Gaisano City Mall to meet his friends at the plaza. We continue to conduct follow up operations so that we can arrest the suspects as soon as possible,” Rosales said.


Rosales said he has assigned two police officers to patrol LaPaz plaza at night to prevent crimes from happening in the area.


Most of the lights in the plaza were destroyed by typhoon Frank last June although Rosales said the City government and Panay Power Corp. pledged to replace the damaged lights.

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