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By Francis Allan L. Angelo

DON’T act like clowns.

This was the stern warning of Iloilo City Vice Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog to members of the City Council when they hold their session.

Mabilog was reacting to the verbal tussle between Councilors Eduardo Peñaredondo and Antonio Pesina during their regular session Wednesday at the Iloilo City Terminal Market.

Mabilog said councilors should treat each other with dignity, respect and honor being elected officials of the city.

Mabilog, who was the acting mayor when the “word war” happened, said the presiding officer at that time should have stepped by calling for a recess to diffuse the tension.

“The presiding officer can also ask the sergeant-at-arms to remove the councilors from the session if they continue to harangue each other. Such conduct has no place in the council,” he added.

The presiding officer during the Peñaredondo-Pesina scuffle was Councilor Julienne Baronda.

Baronda banged the gavel to bring order to the session but in vain. Councilor Armand Parcon later called for a recess to diffuse the situation.

Parliamentary rules dictate that council members should address each other as honorable, gentleman or lady.

Councilors are also refrained from confronting each other during debates by directing their questions and comments to the presiding officer.

Mabilog said they sometimes allow intimate or endearing names to each other especially when their mood is light.

But he cautioned councilors to check their conduct during heated debates to avoid insults or confrontations.


The verbal joust between Peñaredondo, who is the majority floor leader, and the diminutive yet feisty Pesina happened when they discussed two agenda in the session.

The first round was when Councilor Julienne Baronda pushed for a committee investigation on the Metro Iloilo Water District’s operations.

Pesina objected to the idea of referring the matter to the committee on environment as there is no environmental concern in the issue.

Peñaredondo later clarified that Baronda’s proposal will be referred to the committees on environment and utilities.

Pesina also contended that the City Council has no power to penalize or investigate MIWD.

But Peñaredondo retorted that the council has the responsibility to look after public welfare, particularly on the issue of water supply.

The next round was during the deliberation on the amusement tax exemption sought by the Graciano Lopez-Jaena Foundation for its fund-raising activities.

Pesina, who chairs the committee on ways and means, had refused to grant the exemption as the foundation’s activities are not included in categories which the Local Government Code exempts from paying amusement taxes.

During the deliberation, Peñaredondo called Pesina “Tony Boy Pesina,” a label which irked the latter.

Pesina retaliated by calling Peñaredondo “Eduardo ‘Kalbo’ Peñaredondo,” which apparently referred to the latter’s balding top.

The verbal tussle extended to the media when Peñaredondo hit Pesina for being a showboat during the session which Political Science students from the University of Iloilo attended.

Peñaredondo said Pesina has the penchant to show off his debate and lawyerly skills when there are visitors during their session. He said “Tony Boy” is an endearing term which he also used in their previous sessions.

Peñaredondo threatened to knock down Pesina’s teeth and jaw if the latter jaunts his balding head outside the session.

Testingan ni Pesina nga ipanghambal ini sa guwa, kay masintak ang apipingig niya (Let Pesina taunt me outside because I will break his jaw),” Peñaredondo said over Aksyon Radyo.

Peñaredondo also taunted Pesina’s “sub par” performance in the bar exams.

Pesina hit back at Peñaredondo’s habit of butting in during a debate without asking the floor.

Pesina said he indeed called Peñaredondo “kalbo” or bald “but there was no malice in that as I was just telling the truth.”

The pint-sized councilor said Peñaredondo is “a big guy but a coward.”

“I behave during sessions…He likes to brag when there are visitors by disrupting a debate without asking permission from the presiding officer,” Pesina said.

Peñaredondo said he is allowed to interrupt discussions being the majority floor leader.


By Francis Allan L. Angelo


THE alleged sex video of Dr. Hayden Kho and sultry actress Katrina Halili also took the Iloilo City Council by storm.


After the council passed the resolution sponsored by Councilor Eldrid Antiquiera condemning Kho for allegedly filming and spreading the video, Councilor Julienne Baronda told the body that she has a copy of the video in her laptop copy.


The councilors flocked Baronda’s table to view the video which is spreading in the country like wildfire.


Councilor Eduardo Peñaredondo called for a 15-minute recesss so their colleagues could view the whole controversial video but Councilor Erwin Plagata refused to grant the request.


Plagata said he found it ridiculous to view the video inside the session hall at the second Iloilo Terminal Market reason why he declined to go on recess.


Plagata said the councilors should have not watched the video during the session because they already condemned it though Antiquiera’s resolution.


Baronda denied showing the video to her colleagues saying she has no copy.


“At first, I had difficulty opening my wireless fidelity (wi-fi) connection to the Internet so we could see an online copy of the video. But we failed to find an active link. All we saw were pictures of another actress who also has a sex video with Dr. Hayden Kho,” Baronda said.


Councilor Perla Zulueta said she only saw pictures of Halili and Maricar Reyes but not the video.


But Zulueta said she was surprised when other councilors flocked Baronda’s table where her laptop was situated.


“I was talking to my secretary when I sensed that the other councilors were already flocking Jam-Jam’s table. Then I heard Tongtong Plagata say ‘Go back to your seats’. Maybe they saw the video at that instance,” Zulueta said.





Antiquiera’s resolution strongly condemned the “dastardly act” of taping and releasing for public viewing of the sex video of Kho and Halili.


Antiquiera said they saw the video in Baronda’s laptop during the session.


Baronda said the distribution of the sex video is “a cruel act against women especially that Halili was not aware she was being filmed.”


Antiquera said they are not blaming the couple if they have sex in private but it is something else when their tryst is filmed and released to the public.


Copies of the sex video are selling like hot potato in Iloilo City and the rest of the country after it was leaked to the public.


Antiquiera said Kho can be liable for various criminal offenses if proven that he is responsible for spreading the sex video.


He said the resolution will be submitted to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to support calls for the possible revocation of Kho’s medical license.

By Francis Allan L. Angelo


THE service provider of the wireless landline phones issued to the Iloilo City Council cut off their lines after incurring “excessive” bills.


Why? Because of texting promos in a television show.


During the Sangguniang Panlungsod’s session Wednesday, Vice Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog announced that Bayantel cut off their wireless landline phones because they exceeded the P8,900 monthly allocation for their phone bills.


It was found out that the total phone bills of the council reached more than P11,700. The City Accounting Office refused to approve the payment of the total phone bills.  


Mabilog said he checked with Bayantel why they exceeded their usual usage. He later found out that some of the lines were being used to join text promos in a popular TV show.


Councilor Armand Parcon told the council that one of his household members might be using his wireless landline to join such text promos.


Perla Zulueta said their lines were reconnected Thursday.


“Maybe somebody paid for the remaining amount so that our lines will be restored,” Zulueta said.


Mabilog said they asked Bayantel to restore the lines pending their payment.


Mabilog said he will ask for the itemized phone records from Bayantel to determine if which line frequently joined text promos.


The vice mayor and the city councilors, except for Antonio Pesina, were issued wireless landline phones so they can be easily reached by their constituents and staff.


Pesina did not avail of the phone.

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