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By Francis Allan L. Angelo

THE intelligence section (S2) of the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) is facing a major revamp with the assumption of its new chief last week.

S/Insp. Jay Malong, the new ICPO intelligence czar, began his work Friday by meeting S2 personnel to assess the peace and order situation in the city.

Malong also met with the six district police chiefs of the city a day after he assumed the S2 helm.

The new intelligence czar also recalled intelligence personnel assigned to field assignments following reports that some S2 personnel assigned seldom report to their office.

Malong said he is also considering a revamp of the office once held by the controversial C/Insp. Musa Amiyong who was transferred to Camp Crame.

S/Supt. Melvin Mongcal, ICPO director, said he tasked Malong to focus on petty crimes such as pickpockets and snatching, bukas kotse gang and the campaign against illegal drugs.

Before Malong assumed office, members of the bukas kotse gang were feasting on cars in parking lots of shopping malls and other establishments.

As regards the illegal drugs trade in Iloilo City, Malong also met with officials of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Malong said he is still assessing the office and the situation in Iloilo City. His main thrust is to reorganize the S2 so he can smoothly implement his plans.

Malong headed the intelligence division of the Special Action Forces in Luzon before he was assigned here in Iloilo City.

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

THE relief of a controversial police official in Iloilo City is being linked to the death of an anti-drug agent in 2007.

Chief Supt. Isagani Cuevas, Police Regional Office (PRO-6) director, said he received reports that the death of PO1 Frederick Capasao may have something to do with the transfer of C/Insp. Musa Amiyong from Iloilo City to Camp Crame.

Cuevas said Amiyong and several police officers were investigated relative to Capasao’s slay almost two years ago.

“Nothing came out of that investigation as no charges were filed against Amiyong in relation to Capasao’s death,” Cuevas said.

Capasao was formerly assigned with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and was responsible for the arrest of some drug personalities when he was still alive.

Capasao was preparing to report to Camp Crame when an unidentified gunman riddled him with bullets while entering their house in LaPaz in the evening of October 23, 2007.

During an investigation conducted by the House committee on dangerous drugs last March, a confidential PNP intelligence report surfaced and pointed to unnamed police officers as the suspects in Capasao’s killing.

When asked if the Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force recommended Amiyong’s relief, Cuevas said he was unsure because he only received the relief order from Camp Crame Wednesday morning.

Cuevas said he even called Amiyong and told the latter to immediately report to the national command lest he will be marked absent without official leave.

“With his relief, C/Insp. Amiyong will be given the chance to defend himself from any charges or case,” Cuevas said.

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

A TASK force dedicated to the fight against illegal drugs recommended the relief of a police official as chief of the intelligence section of the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO).

The PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force (AIDSOTF) headed by Police Director Raul Bacalzo reportedly recommended the transfer of C/Insp. Musa Amiyong from Iloilo City to the Holding and Accountability Office in Camp Crame.

Amiyong headed the Intelligence Section or S2 of the ICPO for almost two years. His name has been tagged in the alleged pilferage of fuel at the Iloilo Flood Control Project and the death of PO1 Frederick Capasao in 2007.

Two youth also accused Amiyong of frustrated murder after he allegedly shot them in General Luna Street, Iloilo City August 13, 2008.

Amiyong had denied the charges against him saying some people want him out of the ICPO.

Special Order No. 2384, which directed Amiyong’s transfer from ICPO to Camp Crame effective August 1, was issued July 27, 2009. It was forwarded to the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM) for transmittal to Police Regional Office (PRO-6).

But the order got snagged at the DPRM and was sent to PRO-6 only last Tuesday, almost a month after its issuance.

Aside from Amiyong, the PNP national command also ordered the transfer of PO2 Rudy Fancubila and PO2 Remy Donasco to Camp Crame.

Amiyong said his relief is part of his job, welcoming the development as he is set to retire next year.

Sources at the ICPO and PRO-6 claimed that Amiyong’s longevity at the ICPO is due to his closeness to a powerful political figure who once held an influential cabinet post.

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

THE controversial intelligence section chief of the Iloilo City Police Office has been charged with frustrated murder in relation to the August 13 shooting incident at General Luna Street, Iloilo City proper.

Roy Balsote and Federico Dolar, through their lawyers Cornelio Panes and Joviel Edama, filed the charges against Chief Insp. Musa Amiyong and media barker-turned-confidential agent Niel “Lito” Jimena with the Iloilo City Prosecutors Office Wednesday.

In a copy of the complaint, Amiyong and Jimena were accused of shooting Balsote and Dolar in the evening of August 13 near the flyover spanning General Luna and MH Del Pilar Streets.

Aside from the alleged attempt on their lives, the complainants claimed that Amiyong failed to inform them of their rights when the latter arrested them.

Dolar claimed that Amiyong and Jimena tried to kill them after he tried to get his “fee” for the botched bombing of floodway project at Brgy. Balabago, Jaro.

Dolar said Amiyong ordered him to bomb the project to please a contractor who lost in the bidding.

Amiyong and Jimena had denied the charges saying they arrested Dolar and Balsote for allegedly selling illegal drugs.

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