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A LAWYER of the Iloilo Provincial Legal Office will stand as witness in the criminal complaint that the executive editor of The Daily Guardian will file against Tito Lopez, scion of the famous Lopez clan of Iloilo.


Atty. Joseph Anthony Lutero agreed to back the allegations of TDG executive editor Francis Allan Angelo that Lopez threatened to kill them inside Flow Bar and Restaurant in Smallville complex, Mandurriao, Iloilo City.


Angelo has decided to file charges of grave threats against Lopez upon advice of his legal counsel.


In an interview with Novie Guazo over RMN-Iloilo Monday evening, Lutero confirmed Lopez’s threatening actuations inside Flow in the evening of October 31, 2008.


Lutero said Lopez also threatened to kill him and his family for no apparent reason. He added that he is willing to execute an affidavit to strengthen Angelo’s case.


The incident happened while Angelo and Lutero were inside Flow past 11pm of October 31.


Angelo claimed they were standing by a table near Lopez when the latter approached the former and threatened to kill him.


The Lopez scion even dared Angelo to go out the popular night spot and slapped him on the waist.


THE management of The Daily Guardian is bent on suing Tito Lopez for threatening the paper’s executive editor inside a popular nightspot at Smallville area Friday last week.


TDG executive editor Francis Allan L. Angelo said he will discuss possible legal moves against Lopez with TDG publisher Lemuel Fernandez and the paper’s legal counsels.


Fernandez said Lopez’s actions constitute grave threat against Angelo.


Angelo accused Lopez of threatening to kill him inside Flow Resto-Bar at Smallville complex past 11 pm Friday.


Lopez even slapped Angelo’s waist during the incident which also involved lawyer Jojo Lutero.


Angelo said he can forgive Lopez for his actions “but that will not prejudice whatever legal remedy we will avail.”


“This is not about pecuniary interests or popularity but it is about redress of grievance because what Tito Lopez caused a lot of stress. I was not able to visit the grave of my father, who died last year, during All Souls and All Saints Days because of what Mr. Lopez did,” Angelo said.


Angelo said his friends and family members have been worried upon learning the incident.


“If even if I ask for damages, I will settle for P1 because I’m not after Lopez’s money. The distress he caused me cannot be remunerated. And if I win the P1 damage suit, I will gladly donate the money to Lopez Foundation or Bantay Bata 163,” Angelo said.

Tito Lopez (middle) with Senate President Manny Villar (left) and former president Joseph Estrada

Tito Lopez (middle) with Senate President Manny Villar (left) and former president Joseph Estrada

A SCION of the Lopez clan threatened to kill the editor of The Daily Guardian while inside a popular bar at Smallville complex in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.


For no apparent reason, Tito Lopez, son of former congressman Albertito Lopez and former governor Emily Relucio-Lopez, threatened TDG executive editor Francis Allan L. Angelo Friday evening inside Flow Resto-Bar.


Angelo said the incident happened between 11:20-11:30pm Friday when he and lawyer Jojo Lutero of the Iloilo Provincial Legal Office went to Flow to meet two friends.


Lopez was standing by a table adjacent to the table where Angelo, Lutero and his friends were having a drink.


Minutes later, Angelo was surprised when he heard somebody whisper “Huwag kang titingin-tingin, hindi kita kilala. Papatayin kita (Don’t stare at me, I don’t know you. I will kill you).”


The TDG editor said he did not mind Lopez’s statement and went on to consume his drink and send text messages to his friends and girlfriend.


But Lopez kept on making the same threats until he moved towards Lutero and spewed the same warning.


Lopez, upon seeing Angelo fiddling his cellphone, then moved back to the latter and told him “Sinung tine-text-text mo dyan? Hindi ka maliligtas nyan. I dare you to go out.” Lopez followed his threats with a slap on the left portion of Angelo’s waist.


Former boxing champion William Magahin, who works as a bouncer in Flow, interceded between Lopez, Angelo and Lutero.


Lopez’s bodyguards later entered the bar and apologized for their employer’s behavior.


Angelo, Lutero and their two companions later went out of the bar to avoid more confrontation. Lopez and his bodyguards also went out some five minutes later.  


The female acquaintance of Lutero later told Angelo that Lopez has been trying to meet them before the newspaper editor and the lawyer arrived at Flow.


Angelo is considering possible legal actions against Lopez.

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